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    Billy Senicola

    I enjoyed the consistent Civil War theme throughout the entire timeline. The outbreak of the conflict between the North and South coincided with the practice of photography. Thus, the sheer brutality and violence of the Civil War was documented for people to see. The respective photographs from the Battle of Antietam and the Battle of Spotsylvania truly provide an individual with the atrocities of warfare. Photojournalism provided the American people with a new insight into what occurred during a war and brought to light a dark side of humanity. Photographs from the Civil War also contributed to the sense of national news. The outcomes of battles would be published by various news outlets and photographs commonly included; therefore leading to a more informed public.


    cole hogan

    I really enjoyed your groups presentation and found your photos to be very interesting and diverse. I thought you guys captured multiple important events and battles throughout the war in a good way. The photo that depicted soldiers under the oak tree at Brompton was really cool because that is a place that is easily accessible to students to go and see place on our campus where history happened. Mackenzie, your photo about balloons was very insightful. I had no idea that balloons were employed during the civil war


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