Final Reflection

Throughout the semester I learned a lot about technology and the things that led to it. I learned about new people, new devices, and new programs. At the beginning of the semester I had no idea who Ada Lovelace was or Charles Babbage. I also learned that Disney published a news magazine. One of the things that I enjoyed most was that print was also included in the class. It meant that I did not feel like I was totally knowledgeable. I knew very little about anything to do with computers. Before the class started, I knew very little about using Canva. However, throughout the course of the class I became very well acquainted with the website. I learned how to create an infographic using a template. I can now edit a template to fit the topic that I am covering. I learned how to save the Canva files and insert them into Google Drive. I then had to shrink the picture to make it fit. I figured out the Google sheets does not save the box you are editing until you click outside of the box. I also learned that I am definitely in the minority when it comes to the class. I do not think that technology should be incorporated into everything. I definitely think that children spend way too much time on electronic devices. Teenagers no longer know how to hold face to face conversations. The number of times that I have seen two people on their phones sitting at the same table at a restaurant is higher than I can recall.

One of the most interesting things that I learned throughout the semester was that some of the things that we accept as being part of our lives was originally invented for a different purpose. Most of the tech that we have was originally invented for the military. One of the most interesting things was duct tape. I always think of duct tape as being a toy that children play with. I myself spent many years creating things with cardboard and duct tape. Now my own nephew has taken up the torch of playing with cardboard and duct tape. However, this was not its original purpose was. It was originally invented for the military. It was invented to seal tires while soldiers were on the move. Super glue was also invented for the military. However, I had no idea. I use it to repair many different things. I have used it to repair doll’s legs. I have used it to build model rockets. I even used it to repair a pair of glasses once. However, I did not realize that the magic little liquid that I know so well was invented for the military. This class taught me most of what I know about technology. However, I still do not know how to diagnose computer issues. I did learn during the course of the semester that the IT help desk cannot do much to diagnose computer issues.

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