Hello Girls

This week I found Jill Frahm’s article titled “The Hello Girls: Women telephone Operators with the American Expeditionary Forces During World War I to be very compelling. I had never heard of these women telephone operators in France during the war. I have only ever heard about the dough boys. Learning about these female service members was very enlightening. These women left everything they knew and were trained to operate telephones in France. While most of these women were single there were a few married women operating these telephones. These women’s husbands were often away from home because they were either in the army or their civilian jobs forced them to be away from home for the duration of the war. These women were influential in the running of the technology. Without these hello girls the phone center in France would not have been staffed. These women were responsible for making sure that information got passed to the right sources. They had to make sure that the right connections were made in order to keep the war running.

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    Emma Baumgardner

    It’s truly remarkable what these women were able to accomplish both for themselves and for the war effort as a whole. Prior to taking McClurken’s History of American Technology and Culture course, I was completely unaware of just how influential women were both in wartime communication, but also with the rise of telephones as a whole.


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