Military Tech and Civilian Life

As I was doing the readings for this week, I was shocked by the number of technologies that originated in the Military but eventually made their way into civilian life. Many of the things that we use every day started out as military tech. The World Wide Web started out as military tech but is now used by civilians every single day. We even used the internet to access the article about military tech and civilian life. Duct tape was initially invented for military use. Now almost every household in America has some. I can remember playing with duct tape as a child. I would create many different things out of card board and duct tape, and it was on the top of my present list for many years. Now my three-year-old nephew loves playing with it. Super glue was also invented for military use. However, I cannot count the number of times I have used it to fix things. I have used it to fix things that my cats have broken, Christmas ornaments, and actually a pair of glasses. However, the thing that shocked me the most as being a military invention was pads. They were originally created to be bandages but now women all across the world use them every month. While there were several things that surprised me as being a military technology there were also several that did not shock me. GPS was originally a military technology but that made sense to me since during war times the military wants to keep track of things. Night vision was another military invention that did not shock me. Soldiers need to be able to see at night. There was a need in the military for the technology and then civilians adopted the technology later because they saw uses for it.

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    Nicole McCormick

    The article was very interesting because many of the things that we use in everyday life were invented for military purposes. I was also surprised that duct tape was used for the military, that makes it even more reliable in my opinion!


    Emma Baumgardner

    I too was shocked by the number of military inventions that we now use in everyday situations. Like you mentioned, it’s not all that surprising that both the GPS and night vision were used by the military but things like duct tape, superglue and pads…who knew!? It’s been interesting to learn how versatile these products were and still are.


    Maddie Shiflett

    What I was surprised most by was that Aviators were on the list. The fact that they are named “aviators” should have been a good indication of their origin, yet I was surprised that a now-fashionable style of eyeglass wear had its start from military pilots trying to move away from using goggles. This article was very interesting and eye-opening; we often think about weapons and major technological innovations that we got from the military, not everyday items such as the ones included in the article.


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