Silent Film Project

This week we worked on the silent film project. Throughout the duration of this project I learned about several different forms of technology that I was previously unfamiliar with. While filming the video we used a GoPro. I have never used a GoPro before and honestly had no idea how it worked. We had to figure out how to work the GoPro which involved having to problem solve the case because it was broken. After we finally got the GoPro in the case, we had to figure out how to change the setting and what setting it should be on. We finally got the camera all set up and started filming. Part way through filming the GoPro ran out of space and we had to download all of the videos to a Mac. We needed to figure out how to get the GoPro to connect to the Mac. Then after we got the video clips onto the Mac we had to figure out if they were deleted. After that we resumed filming and finished filming without any further complications. We meet up again to edit the video. We used iMovie to edit the video. I had never used iMovie before because I do not own a Mac. We had to figure out how to turn it black and white and silence the movie clips. Then we needed to add music and title cards. I have previously done all of these things on video editors in Windows and Lenox (my brother installed it on my mom’s laptop) but I had never done any of these things in iMovie. Turning the video clip black and white and adding the title cards was fairly easy. Silencing the video clip was easy as well but it also silenced the music. We had to figure out how to unsilenced the music which turned out to be as easy as unclicking a button. We created the title cards in Microsoft Publisher because you can save the files as a JPG.

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