The Dark Web

I learned about a part of the internet that I did not previously know existed. The Dark Web is the deepest part of the internet. It is the home of many bots and internet criminals. I did not know that this part of the internet existed before reading the article about the Dark Web. It was very informative to know that there is a part of the internet that is a breeding ground of crime. Ross William Ulbricht was one of these internet criminals. He created a site where people could use bitcoin to purchase illegal materials and services, including murder for hire. Ulbricht was apprehended at a public library because the government was finally able to track him down. I never had any idea that there were these parts of the internet that were hidden. I thought that this was something that students, especially should be taught about so that they are careful when they are using the internet. They may not be aware that there are these parts of the internet that they should not be going to and not looking for. These can be particularly dangerous especially to unsuspecting children. This is especially important to me since I hope to teach elementary school children one day. These children are growing up in world where many things are happening online. Teachers should try to stay up to date on all that things that children are doing on the internet so that they know what types of things they need to watch out for. They will better know what dangers their kids are facing and how to better protect their students while they are using the internet. They will know which sites to watch out for and block on their students computers so that they cannot accidentally access them.


Hurlburt, George. “Shining Light on the Dark Web.” Computer 50, no. 4 (2017): 100-05. 

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    Emma Baumgardner

    While I had heard the term “Dark Web” before, I like you, wasn’t entirely sure what all this entailed. Bitcoin has always been a confusing topic for me to grasp, so it was interesting to see just how quickly it got out of hand. I agree in that this is something that we should be more informed about, especially since more and more children are becoming so tech-savvy.


    Nicole McCormick

    The story about Ulbricht was really shocking to me. I had little knowledge about the Dark Web before reading this articles and I did not know who Ulbricht was. I couldn’t believe that people were doing murder for hire, it seems like something that would only happen in movies. For Ulbricht, I think it’s a little funny that he was caught through logging on to the Internet at a public library. However, I’m glad that they were able to track him down. It’s alarming to think about what is happening on the Dark Web. I agree that people need to become more aware, especially younger generations.


    Maddie Shiflett

    I also knew very little about the Dark Web. It has always been an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of thing for me. Now that I know that many people access it for the sake of not being tracked or detected by anyone else, even though they are not using it for anything illegal, it makes me question whether these individuals will be able to keep up in our connected world. While evading all detection may sound appealing, the state of our communication systems today depend on having an online presence.


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